"75% of employees take care of personal
while on the job."
- Circles, 2001

"88% of employees say they have a hard time juggling
work and life. Companies that help employees
juggle the demands of work and family will be
the biggest winners in the competition
for good employees." - Aon Consulting, 2000

"An estimated 12.8 million Americans
of all ages need assistance from others
to carry out everyday activities."
- Labor Project for Working Families

According to Good Morning America,
"workplace absentee-ism has tripled in the last year
due to stress." - ABC TV, 2001

"Nearly 50% of all US workers feel overwhelmed
by a growing number of job tasks and
long working hours."
- Families and Work Institute, 2001

"50% of employees would opt for a personal assistant
rather than a personal trainer." - Circles, 2001

"It takes an employee nearly two hours to
take care of personal business on company time."
- Circles, 2001

"Eighty percent of people feel stress on the job and
nearly 40% say they need help managing stress."
- 2000 Gallup Poll

"Health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater
for workers who report high levels of stress."
- Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

"Fifty seven percent of businesses offer some type
of on-site personal service, such as an ATM,
dry cleaner or travel agency." - Hewitt 2001

In 2000, Fortune Magazine's
"100 Best Companies to Work For"
26 offered personal concierge services
compared to 15 companies in 1998

"American employees worked an average of 1,979 hours
(49 1/2 weeks) in 2000, up over 36 hours from 1990.

  • This was 137 hours (3 1/2 weeks) more than Japanese workers,
  • 260 hours (6 1/2 weeks) more than British workers and
  • 499 hours (12 1/2 weeks) more than German workers."
    ........................ - International Labor Organization, 2001

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